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Learning, teaching and training activity #2

Vouzela - PORTUGAL

May 2019


Preliminary activities mainly engaged students’ reflections on the necessity to lead an active life and the harmfulness of a sedentary one.

- The hosting team designed an English – Portuguese glossary or survival kit to make their guests stay more pleasant but also to raise awareness about other languages in Europe.
- Each team was expected to shoot one or two tutorial video featuring students providing instructions on how to perform physical work outs for a maximum efficiency. This required the participating PE teachers, or any other contributor whom each school deems the most relevant, to guide and monitor students.
- Each team was also in charge of collecting fun facts about the impact of activity, or lack of activity, on our bodies and health. The results were compiled into a slideshow presentation or a short video.
- All materials produced from the previous mobility onward had to bear the project logo, in addition to the mandatory Erasmus+ visual.

As one of the emphasis of the project was to be inclusive and integrate all students regardless of their age, gender or school subjects selection, all theparticipants of a national team had to gather as part of an extra-curricular group.


During the mobility, the activities were carried out as follows :

- Ice-breaking activities with presentation of the different materials (work out tutorials and fun facts), followed by public comments and reflections of each team of students on the task.
- Workshops in transnational teams to elaborate 3 quizzes based on the findings of the “fun facts” presentations. Access to these quizzes will be granted through the QR-code technology, whic allowed the students to set up a scavenger hunt in the open air. This activity was made available to all local school children, which implied a translation of the questions of the quiz into Portuguese language.
- A friendly international tournament, including boys and girls, was organised in the form of a sweat-athon.
- Students and teachers attended lessons in the host school and learnt about cultural reality.
- Filling assessment questionnaires and completion of Europasses.

Facts about physical activity

Video tutorials for crossfit workout

Jumping Jacks & Mountain climbers
Burpees and Lunges
Rope-skipping and push-ups

Orienteering session

Slideshow to introduce the mechanics of the orienteering session.

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