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Learning, teaching and training activity #3

Preliminary activities mainly engaged students’ reflections on our growing exposure to screens of all sorts everyday and its incidence onto our health or balance.

- The hosting team designed an English – Italian glossary or survival kit to make their guests stay more pleasant but also to raise awareness about other languages in Europe.
- The main duty for students consisted in designing a questionnaire about teenagers’ relationships with technology, and then carrying out a survey
among their peers in their respective schools. The aim being a unique questionnaire based on questions designed by each team, all participants imagined a series of questions under the guidance of their Social science or History teacher (with possible entries on frequency of connections, social
media, sleeping disorder, gaming habits), then submitted them to the Italian partner who , in turn, used its connections with professionals to select the most relevant ones and design the survey for the whole team. The survey was carried out via google forms to make information collection easier.
- Students also engaged in an awareness campaign and urge their peers to download an application like Checky which informed people about their
mobile phone usage on a daily basis.
As one of the emphasis of the project was to be inclusive and integrate all students regardless of their age, gender or school subjects selection, all the
participants of a national team had to gather as part of an extra-curricular group.


During the mobility, the activities were carried out as follows :

- Ice-breaking activities with presentation of the different results of the survey, and of the awareness campaign at a local level. The Italian team presented its results for its school community but also for the project’s stakeholders as a whole.
- Each intervention was concluded by public comments and reflections on the task.
- In transnational teams, students had to shoot videos with the phrase “breaking free” as a prompt. Participants had to design a storyboard, shoot the scenes and edit the video. The goal being a public presentation by the end of the mobility.
- Attending lessons in the host school and learning about cultural reality.
- Filling assessment questionnaires and completion of Europasses.

Canicatti - ITALY

October 2019

Video "Breaking free"

Each group was given a name matching some of the typical profiles of users who can be met online. This was a cross reference to a lecture on the topic of addiction to screens which all stakeholders attended

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