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Our Project

The project entitled “Mission H” arose from the need to give prominence to health and well-being as one of the decisive factor on the path to academic success and to a balanced life for everyone, regardless of background. It is mainly targeted at students aged fifteen to eighteen, an age at which health, unfortunately, doesn’t stand as a major concern, but also a period where actions are turning into lifelong habits.


The aim of the project is to develop awareness in different but complementary aspects such as enlightened eating habits, physical activity as opposed to sedentary lifestyles, frequent technology-related behaviours, and emotional intelligence.

This venture will directly involve around 75 students and 25 teachers from 4 partner schools in 4 countries (France, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal) into activities carried out before and during mobilities
within the partnership. Expected outputs will include tutorials, short movies, presentations, quizzes, materials for game designing, and exhibitions, and will all be displayed on the Etwinning Twinspace
as well as on the website dedicated to the project and made available as potential pedagogical material so as to spread the outcomes of the project on a wider basis.

In addition to awareness about health, all participants will also develop their linguistic, creative,critical thinking, digital and collaborative skills ; some competences which are priceless on the european labour market but which also empower them into taking responsibilities in the society they belong and should contribute to.

C5 meeting Portugal.jpg
The first teacher training meeting in Portugal - October 2018
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