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Learning, teaching and training activity #1 :

Auxonne - France

March 2019

Preliminary activities  mainly engaged students’ reflections on enlightened eating habits.

- The hosting team designed an English – French glossary or survival kit to make their guests stay more pleasant but also to raise awareness about other languages in Europe.
- Each team was expected to shoot a video featuring students deciphering food labels. This required the participating science teachers, or any
other contributor whom they deem the most relevant, to inform students about nutrition and provide them with guidelines to understand labels.
- Each team was also be in charge of designing a presentation of their school and the national school system, using slide-show or video devices.
- All participants submitted a logo project. A vote was cast online before the first mobility.
As one of the emphasis of the project was to be inclusive and integrate all students regardless of their age, gender or school subjects selection, all the participants of a national teamhad to gather as part of an extra-curricular group.


During the mobility, the activities were carried out as follows :

- Ice-breaking activities with presentation of the different schools and school systems, and publication of the results of the logo contest.
- Presentation of the video materials on label-reading followed by public comments and reflections on the task.
- In transnational teams, exposure to some engaging modern card games, together with “how to play” video tutorials which are freely available on
- Workshops in transnational teams to design 3 nutrition-themed card games, using existing mechanics as an inspiration. Writing rules and
acknowledging resemblance to available games.
- Attending lessons in the host school and learning about cultural reality.
- Filling assessment questionnaires and completion of Europasses.

Presentation of education systems

Tips to read food labels


Card games designed by students

Disclaimer : prior to the activity, all students had the opportunity to get familiar with some modern card games like 6 takes, Hanabi, Coloretto and sushi Go ... which they could use as an inspiration as far as the game mechanics were concerned.

Complete your tray

Eat or diet


Not Uno


Fit cake

Four families

Perfect meal

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